About Us

Advanced Robotics Club (ARC) is an organization within Advanced College of Engineering and Management which aims in providing a platform to students. We are committed to developing ideas and help the innovators implement them.

Since 2012, ARC has been home to many robotics enthusiasts and innovators, thus successfully inspired students to become one of the brightest minds in the Engineering and Robotics committee across the nation today. Recently, it had successfully organized Technorion Nepal, its first International Selection of Nepal in the Technorion category for Techfest 2020, IIT Bombay. Since its inception, ARC has successfully co-organized several national events like Tech - Bihani, and Shrijana - The Innovation providing a platform for thousands of Nepalese students driven towards STEM.

Besides these, ARC annually conducts various kinds of training programs, workshops, and seminars. In the past ARC has organized events like App-controlled robot, Workshop on AVR programming, PCB Designing, Training on Soldering, etc. Through these kinds of Training and workshops, ARC has fostered many brilliant technical minds to further their progress in the field of Robotics.

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  • Contact no. : 9846477440 , 9861584727
  • Location:  Kupondole, Lalitpur, Nepal