Message from the President's Desk

Roboticists develop man-made mechanical devices that can move by themselves, whose motion must be modelled, planned, sensed, actuated and controlled, and whose motion behavior can be influenced by “programming” The Robotics club of Advanced College of Engineering and Management is a student-run club founded on 2012 AD by energetic and enthusiastic seniors solely out of passion for Robotics. Advanced Robotics Club has been the harbinger in bringing the knowledge and technology of Robotics in whole of ACEM.

Robotics technology influences every aspect of work and home. Robotics has the potential to positively transform lives and work practices, raise efficiency and safety levels and provide enhanced levels of service. Even more, robotics is set to become the driving technology underpinning a whole new generation of autonomous devices and cognitive artefacts that, through their learning capabilities, interact seamlessly with the world around them, and hence, provide the missing link between the digital and physical world. The aim of the Robotics Club will be to support and foster interest in various aspects related to robotics. The club will cater to the interests of hobbyists and beginners in robotics. The club will also extend support to the participants of robotics-related competitions that are held at all over the Nepal. We have been organizing different training events and have been participating in many different competitions. ARC has been involved in a continuous process of learning and exploring the possibilities in the engineering field most of which comes from the hands-on knowledge and experience in building robots. Other than competitions we have also been engaged in different projects to enhance the development of the society and one's skill. We are committed to bring out best form of every member. We always expect equal effort, perseverance and diligence from all of the member for the excellence of ARC. So, let's join hands together for your better tomorrow.

Best regards,
Suraj Paudel